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Empowering People

Humans are the greatest threat facing bonobos—and also the greatest hope. The Congolese people are the ultimate stewards of the bonobo habitat, and BCI seeks to build the capacity of Congolese communities through these programs:child with mosquito net; Photo credit: Bonobo Conservation Initiative

  • Sustainable Development—BCI works with communities to create livelihood opportunities and alternatives to the devastating bushmeat trade.
  • Health Clinic—Our pilot health clinic provides life-saving care to more than 2600 people a year.
  • Education Programs—Djolu Technical College gives residents in the heart of the Congo rainforest an opportunity to learn about conservation management, sustainable agriculture, and micro-enterprise development. It is the only institution of higher learning in a 100,000 square kilometer (40,000 square mile) region.
  • Women’s Initiatives—BCI promotes the advancement of women through employment opportunities, livelihood programs, and education.
  • REDD+—Local residents participate in the global carbon credit market.
  • Reforestation—The renewal of the rainforest provides environmental and economic benefits.

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