Profile in Perseverance: You, our friend and supporter

Moving Forward—Together

Working together today, we can create a better tomorrow. When you support BCI, you support:

  • Rainforest preservation, helping to sequester carbon and prevent climate change
  • Habitat protection, keeping both humans and wildlife safer and preventing zoonotic disease transmission
  • Indigenous leadership, ensuring that conservation efforts are long-lasting and effective
  • Livelihood programs, including agriculture, education, health care, and microenterprise
  • Field teams, providing local residents with income, training, and equipment
  • Anti-poaching measures, including forest patrols, snare removal, and coordination with legal authorities
  • Bonobo rescues, saving orphaned bonobos from the illegal pet and bushmeat trades
  • Awareness campaigns, informing people about the importance of bonobo conservation
  • Wildlife conservation, protecting bonobos and countless other species within the Congo rainforest

Perseverance = Progress

The challenges before us are great, but our resolve is greater. Together, we can build on all we've accomplished and grow the Bonobo Peace Forest. It's day by day. Solution by solution. Donation by donation. Progress adds up. At this pivotal moment in history, we owe it to the planet—and to each other—to do everything we can to get this job done.

We can't do it without you!

Thank you for all you do to help save our sister species and their irreplaceable habitat in the Congo Basin. Please show your support for bonobos by donating today. Your generous contribution makes all the difference.