20th Anniversary Challenge Grant!

The First Light Foundation and the BCI Board of Directors have teamed up to offer a $20,000 Challenge Grant! Why $20,000? BCI’s 20th anniversary year wraps up in June 2019. What better way to celebrate twenty years of lifesaving work than to give that work a boost?

James Brundige, First Light Films

First Light Foundation is the charitable branch of First Light Films, a production company that specializes in documentary films on social and environmental issues. James Brundige, acclaimed filmmaker and First Light founder, accompanied BCI on a field expedition last year, and he has become a champion for bonobo conservation. He says,

The Bonobo Peace Forest is an opportunity to save both a rare endangered species and millions of acres of one of the most important ecoregions on Earth, the Congo rainforest. Bonobos are fascinatingly different from the better known great apes, and are endemic—found nowhere else—which makes them the perfect indicator species for the Congo. Losing them would be a great tear in the fabric of life, and would endanger the forest itself, given their key role in seed dispersal.

If, like James Brundige and the BCI board, you think that bonobos need immediate protection, please help us reach this $20,000 goal! Every donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $20,000. Your contribution will directly support our intrepid teams in the field, our community livelihood programs, and the maintenance and growth of the Bonobo Peace Forest. And by participating in this challenge, you can make your contribution mean twice as much!

Many thanks to the First Light Foundation and the BCI Board, and to everyone who supports bonobo conservation!

Celebrating community conservation
Celebrating community conservation