Sally Jewell Coxe

Sally Jewell Coxe, President & CEO, Board Secretary

President & CEO

Sally is president and co-founder of the Bonobo Conservation Initiative. Known as “Mama Bonobo,” Sally has worked tirelessly for over 20 years to protect bonobos, preserve the Congo rainforest, and empower Congolese communities as leaders in conservation. She has led and managed the growing organization, including field operations in the DRC and development and outreach efforts in the USA and internationally. Since her first trip to the DRC (then Zaire) in 1994, Sally has been investigating local folklore and traditions regarding the relationship between humans and bonobos. This focus on indigenous wisdom and culture shaped and continues to inform BCI’s holistic conservation model. Under Sally’s leadership, BCI collaborates with partner organizations, the DRC government, and local communities to manifest their common vision for the Bonobo Peace Forest. This expanding network of community managed forests now includes two officially established nature reserves, spanning 9 million acres, and additional protected areas in development. Sally became fascinated with bonobos while Senior Copywriter at the National Geographic Society. She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Williams College with honors in Psychology.