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Bonobos are the least studied and least recognized of the great ape species. We strive to raise awareness about these amazing apes and the importance of protecting them. We are discovering more about bonobos every day–learn more about our closest primate relatives here:

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The First Light Foundation and the BCI Board of Directors have teamed up to offer a $20,000 Challenge Grant! Why $20,000? BCI’s 20th anniversary year wraps up in June 2019. What better way to celebrate twenty years of lifesaving work than to give that work a boost?
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In honor of World Bonobo Day, Metazoa Brewing Company is producing the world’s first Bonobo Brew (TM)! World Bonobo Day takes place on February 14, also known as Valentine’s Day. Due to the loving and affectionate nature of bonobos, it’s only natural that it has been designated their holiday too!
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It’s a new year and time of new beginnings! The bonobos’ home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, has elected a new president. And we are delighted to report that Albert Lokasola, one of BCI’s cherished longtime partners, has been re-elected to parliament. Albert’s leadership in the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve and across the Djolu territory continues to inspire communities to take a stand for conservation. Congratulations, Albert! And that’s not all that’s new around here! Read on to learn about a newborn bonobo in Kokolopori, a bonobo-inspired beer in honor of World Bonobo Day, and a chance to double the impact of your donation! 2019, we know we just met you, but we’re pretty sure we like you!
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We are grateful to bonobos for serving as a flagship species for the Congo rainforest. The bonobo is a charismatic icon of hope within the Democratic Republic of Congo and beyond. The peaceful, cooperative society of bonobos inspired the concept of the Bonobo Peace Forest and led directly to the creation of the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve and Sankuru Nature Reserve, as well as several other important cons
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A message of gratitude from actor, activist, and bonobo supporter Ashley Judd
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At current rates of deforestation, the Congo rainforest will be gone by 2100. And if that year seems to be in the distant future, consider that many of today’s kindergarteners will still be alive to see this complete destruction of what is currently the second largest rainforest on the planet. The good news? You can change the outcome.
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