Tackling the climate crisis

The Congo rainforest—the only home of the bonobos—is the second largest rainforest on Earth. It is instrumental in keeping carbon out of our atmosphere, protecting water sources, and maintaining healthy weather patterns. The international community is taking notice of this irreplaceable resource. At the Glasgow Climate Conference (COP26), member nations pledged to create a fund to protect the Congo Basin and to combat deforestation.

Rainforest preservation has always been part of our mission. That's why we have secured official protection for nearly nine million acres of land and are working with our local partners to protect millions more. Protecting this land requires more than signatures on paper, though. It requires boots on the ground, equipment, training, community engagement, and the consistent support to make it all possible.

To keep our programs going strong, we've been investigating sustainable funding mechanisms like carbon credits.

BCI received the first REDD+ (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) contract in the DRC to support the Sankuru Nature Reserve. The carbon market is now reaching the point of viability as nations and businesses pledge to reach net zero carbon in the coming years. We're thrilled that Carbon Streaming Corporation has made an initial investment in Sankuru and in the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve! We're also working with international partners and the DRC government to develop best practices for REDD+ programs. We look forward to bringing you updates on this exciting development and more as we implement nature-based solutions to protect this vital land.

Carbon financing is just one part of the solution. We have programs throughout the bonobo habitat and every one of them relies on the contributions of caring people like you! Thank you for keeping the Peace Forest growing!

Juvenile bonobo
Juvenile Brun of the Ekalakala group swings through the trees of the Yetee forest