SumOfUs campaign brings big bonobo boost

We would like to extend a huge thank you to SumOfUs for their successful fundraising campaign! Their community raised an amazing $45,000 to support our programs in the Bonobo Peace Forest.

Bonobos, humans, and the rainforest need each other to survive — and the Bonobo Peace Forest is a truly pioneering and sustainable model of conservancy that is helping this beautiful relationship thrive. SumOfUs' global community is committed to ensuring corporations and governments prioritize people and planet over profit. The work BCI is doing to protect bonobos, preserve rainforest and empower grassroots communities is vital to our mission — and we’re excited to see this work continue.
Yasmin Aslam, SumofUs

Launched in 2011, SumOfUs is a global community that uses the power of online tools to run campaigns that mobilize millions of people to take action to make social change.

In pursuing their mission, SumOfUs hold fundraisers for organizations that align with their values of protecting the environment, animals, and workers’ rights. We are so honored that they chose to hold a campaign for BCI, and that their members responded so enthusiastically!

Like SumOfUs, we believe in the power of ordinary people to make extraordinary change. Working together, we can create a future we believe in. We’re so inspired by the SumOfUs community, and we hope you are, too!