Happy Earth Day to you

Today marks the 50th celebration of Earth Day! Does the sky seem a bit brighter? The trees greener? The birds louder? You're not imagining it. Since humans have reduced activity due to the pandemic, greenhouse gas emissions are down, air quality is up, and animals are expanding their ranges. If you're staying inside and looking out a window right now, you may be finding solace in this profuse abundance of nature.

This time is proof that changes in human habits, even small changes, add up to huge environmental impact.

Here's the big question: where will we go from here? Once the immediate danger has passed, will we revert to our old habits and once again put the Earth at risk? Or will we be able to build on this moment and create a new framework that serves both the economy and the environment? And as individuals, what are we learning right now that will allow us to tread more lightly on our beautiful, irreplaceable home?

For more than 20 years, BCI and partners have been hard at work protecting bonobos and their vital rainforest habitat. We see the deadly toll that human activities like logging and hunting have on the environment. We also see the positive change that happens when people cooperate, collaborate, and commit to a more sustainable future. Started at the grassroots, the Bonobo Peace Forest now provides a safe haven for countless species of plants and animals, as well as creating greater economic and educational opportunities for communities across the Congo Basin.

This vast undertaking is made possible little by little, donation by donation. It is made possible by you.

Thank you for supporting our work, and thank you for being a dedicated steward of our precious planet. Happy Earth Day!

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