Don’t let nature disappear. Support Vie Sauvage.

If we are going to stop nature loss, we need to change the way we do things. We need to look to organizations who are truly making a difference. Vie Sauvage sets an example for the future of conservation. And nobody captures the dedication, hard work, and fighting spirit of Vie Sauvage better than Leonard Nkanga.

Leonard Nkanga is the head tracker of the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve. Trackers are the frontline defenders of the bonobos, with duties ranging from dismantling hunting snares to trekking several miles a day to observe and record bonobo behavior. Under Leonard's leadership, the Vie Sauvage tracker teams have habituated five bonobo groups to human presence, paving the way for scientists to conduct groundbreaking research. The better we understand bonobos, the better we can protect them.

Leonard has been devoted to conservation his entire life, even voluntarily protecting bonobos from soldiers during the Congo War. A founding member ofVie Sauvage, Leonard was honored as a "Chevalier de la Forêt," or Knight of the Forest, in recognition of his outstanding efforts.

Leonard at his “Chevalier de la Forêt” ceremony in 2005.

It is because of the commitment of Leonard and his co-workers that the UN awarded Vie Sauvage with the 2020 Equator Prize. The Equator Prize is more than an award—it is a call to action. Now more than ever we need to take decisive action to protect the planet.

The Equator Prize winners will be celebrated in a must-see ceremony on September 29th, the culmination of a series of virtual events called the "Nature for Life Hub," beginning today, September 24th. The UN has assembled an amazing lineup of speakers, including renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, Sting, and more! This is an open event with no registration required. Get the info here and get inspired!

Vie Sauvage is protecting the forest today and educating the conservation leaders of tomorrow. Their work is so effective that nearby communities have taken note and started their own conservation programs based on the model of Vie Sauvage. Your gift will support and encourage both Vie Sauvage and all who look to them for inspiration.

Thank you so much for your support. It could truly mean the world.