Comfort in these tough times

We hope this message finds you well amidst this continuing crisis. It is inspiring to see so many people pitching in and doing their part to keep their communities safe.

Like everyone else, our field teams have had to adapt to new circumstances to ensure safety. They are working to protect bonobos from ongoing threats like hunting as well as the new threat of COVID-19. Your support makes this lifesaving work possible.

One great way that you can continue to help protect bonobos is by participating in our t-shirt campaign. While we had hoped to distribute these in person at EarthX and other events, we are adapting our plans and making these shirts accessible to everyone! These 100% cotton shirts are super comfortable and available in green or gray and either a crew or v-neck style. The picture (by graphic designer extraordinaire Hanna Chang) is inspired by a photo of Iboko, one of the orphan bonobos rescued by our dedicated staff.

You can support our field teams, cozy up in a brand new shirt, and show off your love for bonobos in your next Zoom meeting by ordering today!

Green go bonobo t-shirt