Cheers and Beers for Bonobos!

In honor of World Bonobo Day, Metazoa Brewing Company is producing the world’s first Bonobo BrewTM! World Bonobo Day takes place on February 14, also known as Valentine’s Day. Due to the loving and affectionate nature of bonobos, it’s only natural that it has been designated their holiday too! Metazoa will be hosting a tapping party for Bonobo Brew (a delicious vanilla chai stout!) at their taproom in Indianapolis, IN from 5-9 PM. One dollar of every pint sold will be donated to the Bonobo Conservation Initiative.

Beyond producing amazing beer, Metazoa Brewing Company also shows that, no matter what your passion, there’s always a way to use your time, talent, and skills to support endangered species. Their tagline “Drink beer. Help Animals.” says it all. Since they opened in 2016, they have donated 5% of all profits to animal and wildlife organizations. We are deeply grateful that they’ve chosen to include bonobos among their current wildlife causes. Special thanks to Metazoa’s Sarah Silcox for organizing the Valentine’s Day/World Bonobo Day event!

Can’t be in Indianapolis to sample Bonobo BrewTM for yourself? Don’t worry—there are plenty of ways you can join in the spirit of the holiday! Show your love for bonobos by spreading the word about them and by supporting efforts to protect them. It’s a great time to follow Metazoa founder Dave Worthington’s example: do what you love to support the causes you love. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Bonobo Brew Tapping Party, Metazoa Brewing Company