Breaking News! Orphan Rescue!

Orphan Esake with BCI partner Héritier Mpo

Another bonobo life has been saved, thanks to the dedication and bravery of BCI's intrepid field staff!

On March 31, BCI community partner Héritier Mpo received word that a baby bonobo had been found near Hiekele. She was being transported by a bushmeat hunter who was taking a bicycle load of bushmeat to market. We learned that hunters had shot her mother with a poisoned arrow. They tracked her for a day and a half before she succumbed to a slow and painful death, all the while trying to protect her child. Thankfully, local authorities apprehended the hunter and released the orphan to Héritier.

Although traumatized and weak, the orphan—now named Esake—began to regain some strength under Héritier's care. We are happy to report that Esake has been successfully transported to Lola Ya Bonobo, the bonobo sanctuary in Kinshasa.

Esake enjoying a snack

Every bonobo rescue is a victory, and we need your help to support these lifesaving efforts! Bonobo rescues are not only costly, they can also be dangerous. In the course of rescuing Esake, Héritier had a motorbike accident and suffered an injury to his leg. Your contribution today will help us cover the expenses of rescuing Esake, as well as Héritier's medical care, to ensure that this bonobo hero can quickly return to the field.

Thanks to all who participated in this rescue, and thank YOU for making this work possible!