A time for new beginnings

You don’t need us to tell you how difficult the last two years have been.

Like you, we have experienced fear, uncertainty, and logistical challenges due to COVID-19. Travel has been restricted, funding has been tight, and the finish line has remained somewhere in the distance.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has had dire implications for the bonobos. Not only are they vulnerable to COVID-19 itself, bonobos also face terrible threats due to the effects of the virus on human populations. Economic pressure on people translates to more forest being cut down and more bonobos being hunted for food.

Even in the face of all this hardship, we have great reason for hope. Thanks to you, we have been able to maintain our work during these trying times. We have taken these challenges as an opportunity to lay the groundwork for a bigger, better, truly sustainable Bonobo Peace Forest. We are eager to return to the field full force and celebrate this time of new beginnings. Keep an eye on your inbox for news of the past year and some exciting plans for 2022!