BCI board member Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson, Board of Directors

Entrepreneur; Founder & Fmr. CEO, MFJ International
An entrepreneur in the technology industry, Mark is founder and former CEO of MFJ International, a database management software company. Partnering with some of the world’s most advanced technology firms such as IBM and Lotus, the company designed and distributed the first customer relationship management (CRM) software in the 1980s, winning highest awards for design innovation. Serving clients such as Coca-Cola, IBM, AT&T, British Airways, and Viacom, their pioneering solutions provided the scalability and global architectural capacities that drove significant penetration into the F100 multinational market. In addition, Mark founded non-profit organizations, including ImmuNet and the website, which became the most visited website for AIDS information and counseling throughout the world in the 1990s and 2000s. Mark's intuitive analysis of emerging business and market trends leads to consistently accurate predictions, effective strategies and successful product launches of disruptive solutions that drive innovation. His passion for music and decades as a jazz pianist fuel his current research into resonance and frequency-based healing modalities, resulting in the development of new approaches to the treatment of chronic disease conditions and anti-aging.