Celebrating a true bonobo champion!

Today we are celebrating a true bonobo champion! Elaine Broadhead is retiring from the BCI Board of Directors after eighteen years of incredible service.

A strong supporter of primate conservation and animal rights, Elaine has been involved with issues surrounding chimpanzee sanctuaries and great ape rehabilitation as well as bonobo conservation. As Chairman of the Rosenthal Foundation, her philanthropic work has extended to a variety of environmental and social causes. When BCI president Sally Jewell Coxe met Elaine almost twenty years ago, it was clear that Elaine and BCI were a match made in heaven—right down to matching BONOBO license plates!

Elaine hosted many of BCI’s board meetings at Glen Ora, her beautiful estate in Virginia. Her commitment to primate conservation is prominently displayed in “The Monkey Room,” in which all four walls are decorated with a mural by her daughter, artist Misia Broadhead. The paintings feature a parade of primates, including monkeys, orangutans, and—of course—bonobos. At one meeting, Elaine even provided a spectacular bonobo-themed cake! Much of what BCI has become today was shaped by conversations that took place within the inspiring environment of Glen Ora.

We cannot thank Elaine enough for her stalwart support and for her unwavering devotion to making the world a better place for humans and bonobos alike. In addition to her own direct efforts, her radiant personality and willingness to speak out have inspired many others to join the cause. Though her tenure with the board is ending, the effects of her work will be with us for years to come. Elaine, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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