Profiles in Perseverance: Bonobos

Bonobos: Our Mission and Our Inspiration

Protecting the rainforest means more than protecting the trees. The trees and animals rely on each other, and—for approximately the last million years—the Congo rainforest has relied on bonobos. Sometimes called "the gardeners of the forest" for their role in seed dispersal, bonobos have long been a flagship species within their habitat.

As human presence has grown, bonobos have faced increasing threats from habitat destruction and hunting. Their population is fragmented and decreasing; only about 15,000 bonobos remain in the wild. They are endangered, and they could face extinction within our lifetime.

Yet they persevere.

Every bonobo born in the Peace Forest is a victory. Every bonobo protected is an opportunity for us to learn from their cooperative, peaceful society. It is up to us, their sister species, to ensure their survival into the next century and beyond!