Bonobo News May 2017

Happy spring! As the flowers blossom and the birds sing, it’s a great time to celebrate our beautiful planet and all the people who are working on its behalf. In this newsletter, we take you to the largest Earth Day event in the world, share great news from the field (newborn bonobos!), show you a circus that benefits wildlife, and introduce you to one of our Outstanding Supporters, David Reuben.

In recognition of the many organizations dedicated to keeping the Earth healthy, CrowdRise has launched the Earth Day Roadmap Climate Challenge.This friendly fundraising competition will provide $300,000 in prizes-including a $100,000 grand prize donation! We’re so honored that we were invited to participate. Thanks to all who have contributed so far! And we have some incredible news–Outstanding Supporter David Reuben is offering a 100% match on all Roadmap donations from now until the end of the fundraiser, May 18 at 12PM ET! Please make the most of his incredible offer–help us get on the leader board so that we can win the grand prize for the bonobos.

You are part of what makes this planet great. Thank you for all you do to support our work. Every day, you are making a difference!