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Help Make Our CrowdRise Campaign a Success

CrowdRise is a unique crowdfunding platform, enabling people to contribute and fundraise for the causes they care about. And we know that you care about bonobos, right? So do we, and we need your help to make this campaign a success!

Our closest primate cousins are in extreme peril due to widespread poaching and deforestation. With just one donation, you can help to save the bonobos, preserve the rainforest, and empower indigenous people to be conservation leaders. You can help the Bonobo Peace Forest grow!

Visit to learn about our campaign. There are three great ways you can participate!

  1. You can click “Donate” (thank you!) and immediately support our vital on-the-ground programs.
  2. You can join the Peace Forest team! Click “Fundraise For This Campaign” and then share with your friends. It takes just a minute of your time, and the benefits will last for generations to come.
  3. If you want to go the extra mile, you can organize your own fundraiser on our profile page at

Please spread the word about bonobos and the race to save them from extinction. Watch and share our brand new video, featuring footage of wild bonobos and inspiring scenes from Peace Forest communities. The Bonobo Peace forest is going viral…let’s make this campaign go viral, too!

We can’t do this without you. Let’s work together to fill the world with our three favorite things! Check out our hashtag on Twitter and Instagram! #peacelovebonobos

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