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Bonobo Rescue

The most heartbreaking consequence of the illegal bushmeat trade is the orphans. Too small to be killed for meat, they are put on the black market for sale as pets or they are left behind, unable to survive alone. Since becoming active in the field, BCI and our Congolese partners have rescued many orphans and ensured their safe delivery to Lola Ya Bonobo, the bonobo sanctuary in Kinshasa.

We are hopeful that as our conservation, education, and enforcement programs expand, there will be fewer orphans to rescue.

Rescuing bonobos means that BCI and our partners often do the dangerous work of dealing with bushmeat hunters. Once bonobos arrive in the sanctuary, they are safe, but the difficult task ahead is to assure that they are safe in their forest home. If you are interested in joining us in our fight save this unique species and its rainforest home, please donate today.

Stay tuned for bonobo rescue stories, coming soon!

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