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Protecting Bonobos

Protecting bonobos is BCI’s primary mission. Bonobos are humankind’s closest relatives, and they are on the brink of extinction. Collaborating with local and international partners, we are providing a safe haven for these amazing primates. We are hard at work expanding the Bonobo Peace Forest, a constellation of linked community-based reserves and conservation concessions. Within the Bonobo Peace Forest, we have many programs promoting the safety and well-being of bonobos:

  • Monitoring Teams and Eco-guards—More than 200 trackers and eco-guards monitor the bonobos and patrol the forest daily.
  • Bonobo Rescue—Orphaned and abandoned bonobos are a tragic side effect of the bushmeat trade. Learn more about how we help them to safety.
  • Bonobo Protection Unit—The BPU is a cooperative effort between BCI and local authorities ensuring the enforcement of anti-poaching laws.

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