Help bonobos and bonobos will help you!

Dear Friends,

Imagine a Congolese woman feeling the first pangs of labor. There is no car, no ambulance, no hospital within reach. In Brooklyn, New York, a doctor gets on his bike and helps deliver lifesaving care to this mother and her child. How? Collaboration. Continue reading

Bonobo Workshop

In September, The Bonobo Project hosted a pioneering event: The Bonobo Communications Workshop. Spearheaded by Bonobo Project founder Ashley Stone and moderated by Dr. Annette Lanjouw of the Arcus Foundation, the workshop aimed to raise awareness of bonobos in the US and to foster cooperation and communication among organizations and individuals dedicated to bonobos.The workshop attracted participants from a variety of disciplines, such as conservation, education, research, and media. Continue reading

From the Field

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI) are hard at work observing the Kokolopori bonobos, learning more about bonobo group interactions. We know that bonobo encounters tend to be far more peaceful than those of our other closest relatives, the chimpanzees, though not all bonobo interactions are uniformly positive. What sort of environment enables peaceful interactions, and what are the implications for human interactions? Continue reading

Inspiring Conservation Through Art

Charity Oetgen is a California-based artist and conservationist. Born and raised in a small Illinois town, she currently attends the Laguna College of Art and Design. Charity has found a unique and inspiring way to combine her love for the natural world, particularly bonobos and their environment, with her talent as an artist. She creates spectacular works of art, primarily paintings, that depict bonobos and the threats they face in the wild. Continue reading

Field Updates!

BCI president Sally Jewell Coxe has returned from a very successful expedition to the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve. The primary goal of this trip was to establish a new research project in partnership with the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. Under the guidance of Dr. Martin Surbeck, a BCI-affiliated primatologist who has previously studied bonobos at Lui Kotale near Salonga National Park, the project aims to gain greater insight into how individual bonobos and their groups interact—and the fascinating information is already coming in! Continue reading

In Memoriam

Our work is built upon collaboration, and we are fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with three very special individuals: Prosper Losaila, Dr. Deborah Moore, and Papa Wemba. Even as we mourn their loss, we celebrate their lives and legacies. Continue reading

Serenading Bonobos

While BCI is focused primarily on protecting bonobos within their native habitat in the Congo rainforest, we know of many people who are supporting bonobos in a number of different–and sometimes surprising!–venues. Take, for example, Katarzyna Sadej, a San Diego-based professional opera singer and voice coach…
Continue reading

CrowdRise Campaign Goes Live

We are so excited to announce that our CrowdRise crowdfunding campaign has gone live! CrowdRise is a unique crowdfunding platform, enabling people to contribute and fundraise for the causes they care about. And we know that you care about bonobos, right? So do we, and we need your help to make this campaign a success! Continue reading