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Our Approach

Our work is firmly grounded in a collaborative approach to conservation. We are committed to respecting indigenous knowledge, empowering Congolese communities, and cooperating with like-minded organizations and individuals in the Congo and abroad.Sally with local community; Photo credit: Russell A. Mittermeier

BCI works closely with Congolese organizations and international partners building teams and coalitions to address the complex problem of bonobo conservation. BCI’s professional Congolese staff and partners have a profound knowledge of their environment and their culture. By partnering with committed local conservation organizations and Congolese institutes, such as the Centre de Recherche en Écologie et Foresterie (CREF), Vie Sauvage, Action Communautaire pour les Primates du Kasai (ACOPRIK), and others, BCI has achieved outstanding results with limited resources. BCI supports over 200 Congolese conservation workers and has provided training, equipment, and support to over a dozen Congolese organizations.

BCI also collaborates with a broad array of international conservation, humanitarian, and development organizations, as well as universities, artists, and private sector partners. Together we can do what none of us can do alone.

Our growing team includes experienced professionals from a range of disciplines who share a commitment to the survival of the bonobo, as well as to the peace and prosperity of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We welcome volunteers—we believe that EVERYONE can make a difference.

Learn more about how BCI approaches conservation through:

  • Raising Awareness—BCI collaborates with local and international partners to spread the word about bonobo conservation
  • Field Surveys—Our team uses established survey methodology to discover where bonobos live and where we can best protect them

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