Your Year-End Gift Matters

Dear Friends,

Have you ever woken up feeling like you, yes YOU, could make the world a better place? Like achieving your dream is possible, if you have the courage to pursue it? Today we’d like to share the story of Albert Alukana, a man whose mission is to bring greater protection and prosperity to his homeland in the Congo Basin.

Albert Alukana (left), prepares for delimitation of Forêt Riche
Albert Alukana (left), prepares for delimitation of Forêt Riche

While he was a nurse at the Kokolopori health clinic, Albert became inspired by the Bonobo Peace Forest concept. He saw that there was a way to simultaneously preserve rainforest and wildlife while securing better economic opportunities for his local community. He left Kokolopori and traveled back to his village, where he spearheaded the effort to form a conservation association focused on bonobo protection. His efforts extended beyond his village; he pursued and received authorization from the local government. After getting trained in GPS mapping techniques, Albert has just completed delimitation of what is now known as Forêt Riche. We’re excited to work with him on the next phase of mapping this high biodiversity area, and to begin developing a conservation program with our new community partners!

Albert is amazing. Even more amazing? He’s not alone! In Lilungu, reserve coordinator Pierre Bokonji was instrumental in gaining official authorization from the provincial government to create a 1.3 million acre community forest reserve. In LiLiKo, Jean Gaston Ndombasi, Cosmas Bofangi, and Roger Afelende–affectionately known as the Three Musketeers–continue to lead the charge to protect their adjoining forests which span 700,000 acres. Our Peace Forest family is growing, and it’s thanks to you. Yes, you!

Your support makes all this work possible. We need to work together to take these projects and more to the next level, and to create a brighter future for bonobos and all who share their rainforest home. Every person and every dollar count. Please give today–your year-end gift matters!


Sally Jewell Coxe