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Dear Friends,

We’re going to be honest with you: the battle to save the bonobos is far from won. Even with all the strides we’ve made, bonobos remain deeply imperiled and time is running out. The good news? You have the power–right now, today–to change the outcome.

Meet Fito, a young bonobo who survived a poacher's snare
Meet Fito, a young bonobo who survived a poacher’s snare

Meet Fito. He’s six years old, and like most youngsters his age he loves to jump, climb, and play with his younger brother. For Fito, though, every day is a victory. He almost lost his life in a poacher’s snare. He escaped, but his leg is permanently dislocated. He cannot even put his foot on the ground, but somehow he doesn’t let it slow him down. He uses the injured leg for balance when he jumps, and even carries food with it, holding big fruits against his chest with his knee. His mother, Fitz, has to work to keep up with him!

Fito’s resilience is amazing, and we’re so grateful for his survival. But his injury should never have happened.

Hunting bonobos is illegal, especially on protected land. The truth is that legal protection is only the beginning. To stop the poachers once and for all, reserves need ongoing support. Your tax-deductible contribution means more field teams protecting bonobos, more scientists making groundbreaking discoveries, more conservationists doing the work and spreading the word. One donation=countless benefits.

Each gift is appreciated and every dollar makes a difference. Want to make an even greater impact? Please consider a recurring donation. Your generosity will sustain antipoaching efforts and other lifesaving programs throughout the year.

Fito has overcome incredible odds to make it this far, but he still faces many obstacles ahead. You have the opportunity to give him a fighting chance. Let’s work together to create a brighter future for bonobos, the Congo rainforest, and all life on Earth.
Thank you for your support!


Sally Jewell Coxe