Outstanding Supporter

Dedicated supporters mean everything to us and to our work. Their generosity allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to the ever-changing needs in the field, and their commitment enables us to meet the long-term challenges we face in bonobo conservation. We are so grateful to all of you who make our work possible. We would especially like to acknowledge the recipient of BCI’s very first Outstanding Supporter Award–David Reuben!

Our outstanding supporter, David Reuben; Photo courtesy of David Reuben
Our outstanding supporter, David Reuben
Photo courtesy of David Reuben

David has been a tireless supporter since 2012 and has been instrumental in a number of BCI’s programs and projects, including the construction of a conservation center at the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve. The David Reuben Conservation Center serves as the management headquarters for the reserve and gathering place for meetings and conservation-based activities. His efforts will help inspire the next generation of Congolese conservationists–and he also inspires us! He is truly bonobo-like in his generosity, his compassion, and his positive, collaborative spirit.

David hails from Indianapolis and is a longtime resident of Rockville, MD. After graduating from Yale University and pursuing a career in computer science, he discovered a passion for wildlife conservation. He was Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary How I Became an Elephant, a film that raises awareness and inspires action of behalf of elephants. A mutual friend introduced him to BCI founder Sally Jewell Coxe. Like the vast majority of people, David had never heard of bonobos. When she told him about how amazing bonobos are and how BCI is working to protect them, he was immediately supportive. He says, “What BCI is doing in the Congo is unique, impressive, and very important. It has land the size of Massachusetts and Rhode Island combined, creating protected areas to help save the remarkable bonobo species and with them the rainforest that is vital to combat global warming and thus to save all living species. There is no ‘Planet B.’”

Yetee villagers completing construction of the David Reuben Conservation Center; Photo Credit: Bonobo Conservation Initiative
Yetee villagers completing construction of the
David Reuben Conservation Center
Photo Credit: Bonobo Conservation Initiative

We are so honored to have David as part of our team. He is a true friend to BCI, and his kindness is having a profound impact on lives throughout the Congo Basin. Thank you so much, David!