Cirque de Bonobo

Can you imagine a circus where humans perform and apes benefit? We can, thanks to Jen Taylor! An animal rights advocate and circus performer, Jen created Cirque de Bonobo to raise funds and awareness on behalf of bonobos. We’re happy to report that her efforts resulted in an evening of incredible, high-flying entertainment, as well as a donation of more than $1000!

Getting ready for Circus Bonobo; Photo courtesy of Jen Taylor. Bonobo image from Katarzyna Sadej
Getting ready for Circus Bonobo
Photo courtesy of Jen Taylor. Bonobo image from Katarzyna Sadej

Jen is the Executive Director of the Sanctuary, a nonprofit land trust in East Haddam, CT, dedicated to environmental stewardship and the inclusive search for sacred meaning. She is also the founder and artistic director of Om Fly Circus School. The Sanctuary hosts an annual fundraiser called Karmic Relief, and every year has a different theme. Inspired by BCI’s 15,000 bonobos, 15,000 supporters CrowdRise campaign, the Sanctuary decided that this year’s theme would be Circus Bonobo. The April 1st fundraiser featured Jen’s circus troupe performing an aerial routine on trapeze and silks, the performers’ elegant maneuvers reminiscent of the bonobos’ arboreal grace. They performed in front of projected photos of bonobos, visually reinforcing the close connection between humans and our sister species.

We are so grateful to Jen for dedicating her time and incredible talent to bonobo conservation. She is another shining example of how everyone has something unique to contribute in the fight to save our sister species. Thank you, Jen, for being an inspiration to us all!