Help bonobos and bonobos will help you!

Dear Friends,

Imagine a Congolese woman feeling the first pangs of labor. There is no car, no ambulance, no hospital within reach. In Brooklyn, New York, a doctor gets on his bike and helps deliver lifesaving care to this mother and her child. How? Collaboration.

Dr. Jordan Chanler-Berat’s Brooklyn Bonobos bike race team raised funds for our health clinic in the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve. By supporting the health clinic, Jordan and his team support the Congolese communities who are the primary protectors of bonobos and their rainforest home. One person anywhere in the world can make a difference, but they can’t do it alone. Marie Mpotsi’s successful birth in an improved clinic was made possible by the contributions of many people working together—including generous donors like you. This year, we are celebrating our partners and collaborators, and we are inviting you to be part of the team! (Want to see collaboration in action? Check out these photos!)

Help bonobos and bonobos will help you!

Bonobos share almost 99% of our DNA, making them truly our sister species. Just as we share a common past with bonobos, we also share a common future. Bonobos are hovering on the brink of extinction, mostly due to human activities like hunting and logging. By working together to save bonobos and their habitat, we also save ourselves. The Congo rainforest sequesters tons of carbon, releases oxygen, regulates weather patterns, and mitigates climate change. We cannot survive without it—and together, we can protect it!

The Bonobo Peace Forest: Growing a Brighter Future

Bonobo; Photo Credit: Russell A. Mittermeier
Photo Credit: Russell A. Mittermeier

The Bonobo Peace Forest is a testament to the power of collaboration. Developed in partnership with Congolese organizations and communities, the Peace Forest provides a safe haven for bonobos, protection for vast areas of rainforest, and vital services and economic opportunities for indigenous people. This community-managed network of reserves addresses conservation and humanitarian needs simultaneously, growing a brighter future for all residents of the Congo rainforest, human and bonobo alike.

Our goal is to add over 2 million officially protected acres to the Bonobo Peace Forest within the next 2 years, bringing the total to 11 million. With your support, BCI and partners will create one of the largest contiguous areas of protected rainforest in the world.

This campaign will:

  • Protect irreplaceable rainforest from logging, mining, and other industrial exploitation
  • Create a linked habitat corridor for bonobos and other endangered wildlife
  • Provide lifesaving programs, services, and economic opportunities to indigenous Congolese people
  • Support groundbreaking research in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
  • Raise awareness and promote education about bonobos

Agreements are already in place with four new communities; three more are asking to join, an incredible example of conservation going viral. Our local leaders have the passion, the will, and the know-how to advance a new era in conservation. Your contribution will give them the tools—the training, the boots, the binoculars, the healthcare and education—that will make it possible.

Their Future is in Your Hands—Donate Today!

Bonobos are experts in peaceful collaboration, and we humans are at our best when we follow their example.  Now is the time to come together and invest in the future of our planet. The Bonobo Peace Forest works—and with your help, it can thrive. Please donate at You are our most important collaborator.

With heartfelt thanks,

Sally Jewell Coxe

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