Orange Foundation Supports the Bonobo Health Clinic

With the help of the Orange Foundation, life-saving medications and supplies were delivered to the Bonobo Health Clinic in the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve. Orange, a French-based international telecommunications company, contributes to many charitable causes through their Orange Foundation. Clinic supplies, funded by Orange Foundation, delivered to Kokolopori; Photo Credit: BCIThe Orange Foundation’s mission is “to create links between individuals, and in particular to make communication easier for those who are excluded for several reasons; health, handicap or because of their economical situation.” Orange Foundation’s commitment to promoting health care in remote areas has now made a tremendous difference for thousands of Kokolopori residents.

For anyone living in a more developed area of the world, it can be hard to imagine the challenges of transporting cargo to a remote area of the rainforest. Several steps are involved, and the efforts of many people and organizations are required to get the cargo where it needs to go. Thanks to funding from the Orange Foundation, BCI was able to purchase medicines and supplies in the capital city of Kinshasa. The shipment included the most important supplies for the clinic: antibiotics, antimalarial and antiparasitic drugs, syringes, bandages, and mosquito nets.

Thanks to CAA Airlines and Aviation Sans Frontières for delivering life-saving supplies!

Medical supplies on their journey from Kinshasa (A) to Kokolopori, via Mbandaka (B) and Djolu (C); Photo Credit: BCITransporting goods to remote regions in the Congo is costly. CAA Airlines (Compagnie African d’Aviation) generously donated the shipping to Mbandaka, the site of BCI’s provincial office.  From there, Aviation Sans Frontières (ASF) transported the supplies by bush plane to Djolu, at a 30% discount. These important contributions allowed us to maximize the benefit of the Orange Foundation grant for the health clinic.  In Djolu, members of BCI’s partner organization Vie Sauvage recovered the shipment from the bush plane and loaded it into our well-traveled Land Cruiser. Then, they took the daylong journey to the health clinic in Yalokole, a village within the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve, where the supplies were gratefully received!

The combined efforts of the Orange Foundation, CAA, Vie Sauvage, and BCI helped provide Kokolopori residents with access to vital medical care. Even this list of contributors is not exhaustive; Brooklyn Bonobos and BCI-UK raised funds to pay the medical staff, and the clinic also received donations from many caring individuals like you. The Bonobo Health Clinic is the only provider of health care within many miles, and it is critical that the clinic remain supplied and staffed. Nurses and clinic staff at Yalokole take inventory; Photo Credit: BCI

Please consider following Orange’s example by supporting our pilot health clinic today! BCI, Vie Sauvage and the people of Kokolopori are very grateful to the Orange Foundation, and to all the dedicated supporters who make our work possible. Thank you!