Letter from BCI’s Founder, Sally Coxe

Thanks to you, BCI has made great strides in 2012. I’m honored to share some highlights of what your generosity and commitment have allowed us to achieve this year.

The Bonobo Peace Forest continues to grow! For the first time ever in central Africa, logging concessions are being converted to conservation. With the support of the Congo Basin Forest Fund and in partnership with Conservation International, the DRC government and local partners, we have initiated protection of more than 2330 square miles of rainforest with this innovative strategy. The Bonobo Conservation Concession links a critical corridor in the bonobo habitat.

Our work in the Bonobo Peace Forest has also inspired local communities. In Likongo, residents have taken the initiative to start their own community-managed reserve, modeled on the nearby Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve. They have formed an NGO called Debut Likongo and are already monitoring three bonobo groups.

Djolu Technical College for Conservation and Rural Development, the only institution of higher learning within a 40,000 square mile region, received official accreditation. Founded by BCI and local partner Vie Sauvage, this college provides educational opportunities for future leaders of Congolese conservation.

We’re helping spread the word about bonobos. The first-ever 3D movie about great apes, The Last of the Great Apes, was filmed in part at the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve. This ground-breaking film will be released next year. We are also very fortunate to be featured in award-winning author Deni Béchard’s new book Empty Hands, Opens Arms, forthcoming from Milkweed Press.

Our friends, supporters, and partners made these accomplishments—and more—possible. We couldn’t do it without you.

Please consider BCI for your year-end gift. Your caring, tax-deductible donation will fund our vital on-the-ground programs in 2013. Bonobos need you!

We wish you a happy holiday season!

Sally Jewell Coxe